Saturday, April 28, 2012


Busy day with nothing accomplished. Eye dr results are that my eyes have gotten a tiny bit worse. New glasses are super cute!
New glasses look similar to my old ones but still cute!

While waiting had lunch! Ben craving Wendy's for the longest time!

And also my new bed sheets. Leopard print! My new obsession!!
After all that came home to drama and yelling. (nothing new).
Looking into buying a mac. Not sure which is better though laptop or mac.  I know macs are more expensive but that's my knowledge so far. I'm still getting to know my smart phone.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Went shopping today. Trying to do more stuff for me. It was fun yet stressful. Im one of those people who has trouble relaxing and having fun.
Saw a bike it was really nice.... Not that much, a schwinn. I wanna buy it and start riding it to and from work. Not only to save money from gas. But also because i want to get in shape!! Ill make a final decision  before this coming weekend.